11891182_10207294898914551_6403926604762525013_nI’m Caitlin… Or Cait, Whichever is preferred is fine with me. I am a 26 year old mother of 2 incredibly ambitious, amazing  children. William & Kensley I was lucky enough to be blessed with a Boy and a Girl and an amazing man to share them with!  Ah, the all american family… With a twist. I suffer from some pretty bad anxiety. And i do mean… BAD. But here i am.. living life.. one magical mistake after another.. Just trying to get it right and doing the best i can for the two little humans that call me mom. And of course.. Loving most every second of it. In between, of course, the moments of fear brought on by the anxiety i was so lucky to have been blessed with. Kidding. Major eye rollage there… If you could have seen it.

But i am the type who looks on the bright side.. And i must say.. i couldn’t imagine NOT having the anxiety. I’m unsure of the person i would be if i wasn’t always in a panic. It’s made me who i am.. Every weird, corky, chicken-shit ounce of me.

I recently decided to share my story. Every tear brought fight to my happy ending.
Maybe it’ll make someone feel “Normal” for a change. I know the feeling of being one in a million.. Like no one understands me.. and like i’m the ONLY ONE who suffers this horrible disease.

On another note.. I am a cake decorator. My job is my passion… i love it. Without a doubt that is what i was meant to do forever. Bringing joy to the work one sweet cake at a time. 😉


I hope above all else, someone finds joy in my mess. My sweet sweet mess. That i wouldn’t change for the world.



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