Oh my panic

Confessions of a younique presenter.

Do me a favor? Close your eyes (ok.. maybe not all the way.. since it would be pretty hard to continue reading with your eyes closed)  Imagine you were driving on  the highway in a snow storm.. and given the roads were pretty salted.. and clear.. you are going about 50-60 mph.. and all of a sudden the breaks go out. What do you do?

PANIC. Instantly you think… Get me the hell out of here before i deliver my breakfast right through my rear.. too much. But accurate. You look for a way out. You look for a clear path… Something soft maybe to crash into.

I’m assuming your heart will be trying to escape at this point as well. Along with your sanity. Right out the window. You may even scream. I’m sure a cold sweat would come on.. and maybe even a tear or two. Your flight…

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